Dawn of Defiance


This is the first adventure in the campaign.

The adventure began with the characters arriving on the planet Neftali. All of the characters had been summoned there by a holonet mail from a woman named Nomi Roeder requesting they attend a meeting about a job offer. Characters were enticed to come with the offer of 1,000 credits and cost of expenses.

The crew of Unnamed Ship picked up two passengers and flew off. Once on Neftali, the characters went to the guest quarters and booked a room. The registration droid QH-4K then gave them the details of the meeting location.

The characters left and went to Exovar’s Emporium where they met up with Nomi in one of the rendezvous rooms of the cantina. Entering, they met Nomi and her partner Li Donos.

She informed the characters that she wanted to hire them to steal an unspecified piece of data from a competitor. The catch was that they would have to agree to the mission blind and agree to disable all subspace radios and tracking abilities on the ship before they would be given any details. Presumably, this was to prevent leaking the mission and warning the target. For these conditions, she offered an additional 4,000 credits today and 5,000 upon successful completion.

Other details of the agreement were that the characters would isolate themselves on an unnamed planet and undergo mission rehearsal/training under the careful eye of Li. Li briefly described what it would entail and then left.

The characters began negotiations at that point. Pointed questions were sidestepped or answered with statements to the effect of, “We’re paying a lot of money for no questions.” Some of the characters were unhappy, but they successfully negotiated with her garnering an additional 1,000 credits per person.

With negotiations complete, the characters decided to leave. Outside of the rendevous room, two ISB agents and a patrol of six COMPNOR officers had locked down Exovar’s. One of the ISB agents appeared to identify Nomi and began maneuvering the COMPNOR officers to capture her.

A brief firefight ensued, of which it quickly became apparent that the Imperials were using deadly force. The characters put down enough fire to suppress the Imperials and force them to take cover. Thus, giving them the space to make it out of the cantina, though not before Nomi was wounded. Some quick thinking by Gibson locked and disabled the door, buying the characters the time to make it back to their ship.

The characters made their escape from Neftali and after a quick hyperspace jump, set coordinates for the Arun system. The group had one week in hyperspace, of which they took the time to learn more details of the job and get to know one another. The characters had been hired by Black Sun because their reputations were good enough to accomplish the mission but still unknown enough to travel discreetly from system to system and not raise any alarms. The job it turned out was to steal a list of cache sites from a rival pirate group.

Arriving on Arun IV, the characters were greeted by Li Donos in front of two Systech S-72s. Li then laid out the training regimen for them. Each day, no less than two sorties would be flown by the best two pilots in the group, everyone would run the obstacle course, and mission-specific skills would be trained and rehearsed. Li told them this would continue until conditions were right on Calos VII for them to take advantage of environmental and manning variables to maximize the chances of success.

After almost three weeks, that word finally came. The characters then repositioned to a staging point, where all the equipment they had requested was waiting for them. Along with a modified TIE Bomber. Modifications had been made to the bomb bay to hold up to six personnel and been retrofitted with advanced countermeasures/jamming systems and two turreted blasters, one top and one on the belly. It wouldn’t pass close scrutiny, but it’d get them on Calos VII within walking distance of the target.

The target was the big surprise, though. It wasn’t a rival pirate organization, it was an Imperial garrison. With the battle between the Empire and Rebels heating up, it was leaked that the garrison on Calos VII had a list of every ISB agent in five systems stored in the mainframe. That was the item the characters were to steal. The filename of the list was MGF-9144-XDS.

The session ended with the characters making final preparations for the mission. It was at this point that Keith overheard part of a conversation between Nomi and Li that he wasn’t supposed to. Li was very concerned about Nomi going on this mission because the odds of success were so low. The discussion escalated into an argument that ended with Li telling her it was her decision and warning her that she’d have to live with the consequences.



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