Dawn of Defiance

Poking the Nest

The evening began with our intrepid heroes completing final checks before embarking on the mission. When everyone was satisfied, the group loaded into the modified TIE Bomber and docked with the light freighter. The two ships quickly hit orbit and made the calculations for the jump to hyperspace.

Exiting hyperspace, the characters’ ship detached and came under Scott’s control. Deftly navigating through the radiation belts, the ship made planetfall. Some quick discussion followed with the group heading off on foot.

The first obstacle they faced was a 80-meter high cliff. As the group was assessing the cliff, Thuquo Reed noticed something, a beast of ginormous proportions. A rock then leaped to life and unfurled itself. An arqet stood glowering at the group, then charged.

Reed deftly drew his blaster and fired into the beast’s torso. The group was assaulted by the sound and smell of seared flesh, but the creature continued it’s attack. Abon immediately began climbing and the others readied weapons. Shots were fired but it returned to Reed to fell the arqet. For good measure, David Gibson shot the arqet in the head.

The group then began the climb. On a couple of occassions, Scott lost his grip and began to fall before he managed to catch himself. The rest of the climb was easy to make.

The group topped the cliff to see the garrison in the distance. Between them and it was a perimeter fence though. Using the radiation interference and some deceptive ingenuity, the group managed to breach and disguise the opening as an attack by the arqet at the bottom of the cliff.

The next hurdle was gaining entrance into the garrison. The group accomplished this by infiltrating the sewage system of the garrison. They emerged in the Waste Management Control Room and two technicians. A quick hand-to-hand and melee fight erupted with both of the technicians being killed.

The group then infiltrated to the Command Level. Making their way into the Computer Core Room, another quick firefight ensued with the technician/operators being dealth with quickly. Elkin quickly began slicing into the computer core, quickly locating the file they were seeking. At the same time, Abon began wreaking havoc with the garrison’s internal systems.

Abon had an insight into locating the physical drive that the data was stored on and removing it as well. After a quick search of cyberspace and physical space, the drive was located and recovered.

Then they party began their escape. Moving back down the turbolifts, the characters stole a triplet of speeder bikes and made for the landing site. Almost immediately, they noticed a squad of Storm Commandos pursuing them. The race to the ship began.

After some fancy driving, the group arrived at the ship before their pursuers. They arrived just in time to see three other speeder bikes, two Scout Troopers and Li Donos, leaving the area. On the ramp of the ship, Nomi Roeder lay shot in the back, dying.

The characters laoded the ship and took off. Almost immediately they were engaged by four TIE fighters. Fancy flying by Scott Elventist and sharp shooting from the gunners quickly dispatched three of the TIEs and forced the last to retreat.

At the same time, Elkin began trying to apply first aid to Nomi and stabilize her. Her efforts were in vain though as Nomi died. She managed to give the name Dannith and Mos Eisley before she died, however.

Reaching orbit, the characters saw a Mon Calamari Cruiser drop out of hyperspace and disgorge squadrons of X-Wings and Y-Wings to cover their escape. A good thing too, as two Star Destroyers were spotted on an intercept course.

Scott flew them back to their mothership and quickly docked, everyone transferring out of the TIE bomber. The freighter crew had the calculations for Arun IV ready and immediately jumped away.



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