Episode 3.85 — Dawn of Defiance

The galaxy is at war with itself. The Rebel Alliance has declared war on the Galactic Empire. Groups of dissatisfied and persecuted beings have joined together to organize a united front against the might of Emperor Palpatineā€™s forces.

Underequipped and undertrained, the Rebel Alliance has succeeded in more battles than anyone would have guessed possible. Daringly striking from hidden bases and then jumping into hyperspace to escape, and by using an extensive network of spies and informants, the Rebels have set the stage for a major battle.

Though resources are scarce and large shipments of supplies draw unwanted attentions, the Alliance has developed a large network of contractors and privateers to conduct many of their missions that require plausible deniability and a certain distance from the true chain of command.

House Rules

Dawn of Defiance

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